Redefining “Healthy” and Finding Balance During the Holiday Season

Redefining “Healthy”

We have entered the month of December, which means we are fully engulfed by the coexisting stress and joy that is the nature of the holiday season. It is a time meant to bask in togetherness and festivity with family and friends, but also a time that feels chaotic when simultaneously attempting to retain structure and embrace flexibility. For this reason, it’s an appropriate time to reimagine and redefine what “healthy” looks and feels like to us. At Café Gratitude, we encourage our customers to embrace this as a quest for truth as they explore the concept of “balance” through eating experiences and lifestyle that feels authentic and sustainable to them at all times of the year, not just the holidays.

“Balance” Instead of “Healthy”

Why aim for “healthy” when we can aim for “balance” instead? Balance is attainable, balance is realistic, balance is blissful. Living in balance allows us to bend, sway and adapt to the ebbs and flows of unpredicted events without judgment of ourselves, especially during the holidays, a time rooted in indulgence. Nutrition is at the forefront of this concept and can be used as a tool to help foster more balance in our lives. Refer to the list of strategies below to help build your foundation:

10 Ways to Find Balance During the Holidays:

  1. Set an intention of what you wish to experience during the holidays

  2. Strive for more mindfulness during meal times 

  3. Always build a balanced plate that satisfies all biological and emotional wants and needs

  4. Embrace the joy and pleasure of eating  

  5. Trust your hunger, fullness and satisfaction signals and cues 

  6. Use the add-on approach to meals and snacks rather than elimination, avoidance or substitution - add nourishing and fresh components such as fresh fruit or vegetables to more indulgent snacks or meals instead of trying to “healthify”, swap or avoid indulgent foods or “treats” 

  7. Do not skip meals to compensate or save up for caloric intake later in the day  

  8. Find joy in mindful movement that feels intentional and rejuvenating rather than making it an obligation 

  9. Lose the all-or-nothing mindset - you deserve to eat nourishing, tasty foods at any time of the year 

  10. Stick to your sleep schedule - rest, recuperate and recover! 

Main Takeaways

At Café Gratitude, we strongly believe in three core values that align with our notion to provide easy avenues to balanced nutrition and lifestyle. Mindfulness, flexibility and enjoyment with food experiences can all be learned and obtained by visiting our very unique café.

  • Mindfulness: Mindful Movement and Eating that Feels Good 
  • Enjoyment: Satisfaction and Pleasure in Food Experiences
  • Flexibility: Embrace Spontaneity and Unplanned Eating 

Come Join Us

Come join us this holiday season for an immersive experience trying our menu that is the perfect harmony of fresh, delectable, nourishing, and eclectic. A meal that will leave you feeling nutritionally satisfied and uplifted!


Written By 

Jayne Pinsky, Gracias Madre’s Resident Dietitian, RD