Over the past few weeks we have witnessed a revolution in our country and around the world. The injustices experienced by the black community have begun to be realized and acknowledged. Calls for real action and change are not only appropriate, they are needed. We have posted our vocal support for the Black Lives Matter movement, but felt challenged on how we can support as an organization with all of our restaurants currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We recognize and agree that words are not enough, and that this is a movement- not a moment. As a company we have been asking ourselves what action we can take to combat these injustices now and ongoingly. Starting today we are implementing the following program.

We are proud to announce that as we reopen our stores in the coming weeks, we have renamed the I AM GRATEFUL bowl to the BLACK LIVES MATTER bowl.

If you are familiar with our restaurants you know our dishes are named as affirmations. We have always believed that affirming positive words helps to shift our lives, and move us from our head into our hearts. By having thousands of people order this dish by affirming BLACK LIVES MATTER, we hope to keep the message of the movement on the minds of our guests and staff.

We will donate all profits from this dish to Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, Fair Fight Action, and the Equal Justice Initiative. Profits will be calculated simply as the retail value of the bowl, minus the food cost (approximately $8 per dish of profit). There will be no cap to our financial donation. We will continue to listen and prioritize taking action that supports equal treatment for all.

Because all lives can't matter until #BlackLivesMatter

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